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Boost your Mac to its peak performance

MacBooster is an app from IObit that enables you to clean up junk files on your Mac desktop. Considered to be one of the best utility and security providers in the world, it helps you to secure your device from any threats as well as heighten its system’s performance. It also gives an opportunity to those who have smaller SSD hard disks as it aids you to free up some space in your hard disk which will result for your Mac to run smoothly

Scans your device thoroughly

There are plenty of reasons why your Mac is running slowly. However, the problems that commonly arise are disk permission issues, high RAM consumption, and login startup items. Fortunately, MacBooster has a solution for all of these. It analyzes and optimizes your startup items, fix disk permission issues, and eliminates apps that mostly take your system’s memory. These give a chance to your Mac device to speed up, boost performance, and free up inactive memory. 

MacBooster cleaning tool can clean up more than 20 types of junk files, old and new. More than that, it can also uninstall unwanted apps completely with just one click. It also has the capability to reset the app to keep it slim.  Furthermore, you can use the app to find duplicate files and clean them. MacBooster scours every part of your macOS device to find any file that needed cleaning. With this, you can free up more storage for optimal device performance. 

Maximum security for your device

Everyone most probably knows how prevalent adware, malware, spyware and virus in the entire web world. Thus, it is important for you to have reliable software that could safeguard your device from these attacks. MacBooster provides full and real-time security protection for your MacOS to keep it away from various kinds of online threats.

It thumbs through your device and remove all the detected virus and blocks any suspected spyware with their real-time protection. It also locates and gets rid of those adware and malware that keeps on altering your search engine as well as making pop-ups and hideous files appear. Moreover, it secures your privacy and guarantees safer and cleaner browsing away from malicious cookies and harmful apps that track and gets your personal information exposed. 

Reliable suite

With the utility and security features, MacBooster is a must-have for Mac device users. This app has a lot of helpful tools that can help boost your system’s performance, secure privacy, and protect it from possible threats and attacks. It’s available for free, but can also be purchased if you want to experience more extensive features.